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  • Fully synthesize the legal framework as well as analysis from practical experience related to the investment field
  • Overview of all legal processes and procedures related to investment issues in Vietnam
  • The summary from the legal provisions which is not only the Law on Investment but also other relevant laws such as: Civil Law, Enterprise Law, Labor Code, Insurance Law society, Tax Law... and the latest effective sub-law documents.
  • Written in 2 languages: English & Vietnamese


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    During the time of innovation and international integration, attracting foreign direct investment capital associated with Vietnam's socio-economic development strategies and plans is highly concerned.
   It is very important to guide and clarify legal procedures and processes for investors to know and understand when investing in Vietnam. 
  Therefore, we published a bilingual book. Vietnamese - English: "MUST-KNOW REGULATIONS WHEN INVESTING IN VIETNAM - A LAWYER'S PERSPECITVE" by Ms., Lawyer Le Thi Dung with many years of experience as a legal advisor for large foreign companies.


286 pages

Publish 2022

Bilingual English - Vietnamese


The book "Must-know regulations when investing in Vietnam - A lawyer’s perspective" was approved for publication by the National Political Publishing House.

      The book is a synthesis of the latest legal provisions related to investment including: Investment Law, Civil Law, Enterprise Law, Labor Law, Social Insurance Law, Tax Law...The author's analysis will help readers quickly grasp the definition, knowledge, and legal regulations related to investment - business.

     Besides, the book is also highly appreciated by leading experts and approved by the National Political Publishing House - the most prestigious and largest publishing house in Vietnam.

      In particular, the book was presented to guests in the Vietnam Socio-Economic Forum, a forum with the participation of more than 400 delegates including experts, scientists, and leaders of relevant agencies, ambassadors, heads of international agencies and organizations in Vietnam and representatives of the business community both locally and overseas.


   The content of this book consists of 17 sections which were arranged scientifically, comprehensively in investment law from explaining the investor definition, the types of businesses that are allowed to invest, the incentives, the business lines that are allowed to invest, the necessary procedures before and after the investment as well as the presentation of tax, audit, franchise, dissolution, foreign workers, social insurance, personnel relationship management.




Le Thi Dung - Master - Lawyer - General Director
As a lawyer with more than 12 years of experience in advising foreign investors in the field of investment law. In the capacity of a Price appraiser; Master of Economic Law, Investment Consultant and Law Policy Researcher, Mrs. Dung has directly advised hundreds of foreign-invested enterprises since they started surveying the project and investing in Vietnam. Some typical customers are: Lotte Group, SamSung Group, HeyKorea Corporation, Haidilao Multinational Restaurant Chain, Point Ave Education Development Group, Korean Restaurant Chain HS F&B, Multinational Real Estate Rental and Leasing Corporation Ceo Suite, Gyeongnam...

  • Bachelor of Law - Faculty of Law, Hanoi National UniversitY
  • Certificate of completion of the lawyer training course- Judicial Academy - Ministry of Justice
  • Member of Hanoi Bar Association
  • Master of Economic Law - Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
  • Student at Faculty of English - Hanoi University
  • Certificate of Price Appraisal - Vietnam Valuation Association, Ministry of Finance
  • Professional Certificate in Overseas Study Counseling - Ministry of Education and Training
  • Certificate of Professional Education - Hanoi National University of Education
  • PhD student in Economic Law - Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences 


Lawyer Le Dung presented books and took commemorative photos with the Representative of the Thai Embassy at the Macroeconomic Forum 2022

Lawyer Dung presented books and took commemorative photos with Mr. Hong Sun - Vice President of Korcham, Mr. John Rockhold - President of the American Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Jonathan Pincus - Senior Economist of the United Nations Development Program.

Lawyer Dung had a discussion and presented books to Mr. David Gottlieb - Economic and Development Cooperation Counselor of the Australian Embassy and Ms. Lynna B Gadkowski - Economic Counselor of the US Embassy.

Lawyer Dung presented books to Mr. FranCois Painchaud - Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund in Vietnam.

The foreign workers working in Vietnam
Vietnamese CEOs and business owners cooperate with FDI enterprises
CEOs, Business owners of foreign-invested companies
Law students, lawyers, legal professionals... researching investment law

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Mr. Hong Sun

Vice President of Korcham Association- Former President of VBF

"This is a book containing all legal knowledge related to foreign investment in Vietnam. Bringing practical value to foreign investors who are looking for investment opportunities in this country"
Assoc. Dr. Vo Hong Nhung

Senior Lecturer - Vietnam National University, Hanoi

"Overarching, easy to understand and to the point. It is not only a valuable resource for foreign investors or workers when looking to invest in Vietnam. It is also a valuable source of documents for industry professionals, law students and business owners"
Expert Le Minh Tam

Financial expert, IPO, Chairman of Caligroup

"The author has summarized and analyzed in detail all the legal provisions related to law on investment and business in this book"
Mr. Danny Hwang

President of Point Avenue Corporation

"All you need to learn and need to know about the legal framework when you invest in the Vietnamese market is in this book"


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